7 April 2019

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Some of the Problems you may need Help with when investing:
  • Are you suffering from Overconfidence Bias?
  • Performance Fees: Should you pay a fund manager more for doing their job well?

27 March 2019

Expert: Recession is coming - but we don't know when

All too often investors are faced with ambivalent forecasts that are of little use for the management of their portfolios. It is no secret that recessions happen on a regular basis. But when exactly is the next recession going to arrive?
Credit Suisse CIO says a recession is coming

27 November 2018

How to avoid making stupid investing mistakes when the stock market drops


3 November 2018

Tempted by High-Yielding Bonds?

When you see a promotion for a bond that offers eye-watering returns you have to ask the following questions:
1 - How does the yield compare to rates of comparable issuers?
2 - Is the bond issue rated by one of the top three Rating Agencies (Moody's, Fitch, S&P)?
3 - Who is giving any Guarantee or Insurance?
4 - Is that entity rated?
5 - What is the track record of the promoter?
Experience tells that the ordinary retail investor is in no way capable of giving the right answers to these basic due diligence questions.
Investors are urged to consult a financial adviser with no connection to the issuer or promoter before even considering any investment in bonds.
While many bonds issued by seasoned companies can be sold in a recognised secondary market this could be (extremely) difficult or practically impossible with bonds issued by lesser entities.

Taking Emotion out of your Investment Decisions

Understanding Markets, Company Accounts and Macro Economic and Political factors all are critical for investment success. But your Emotions are an often overlooked aspect that can frustrate the best investment plans, especially when faced by a rollercoaster bear market. And even the most seasoned investment professionals sometimes find it difficult to keep a clear head when bombarded with emotional language by media and market pundits.
How to Take Fear Out of Your Investing Decisions (Barron's, Pay Wall)

21 September 2018

Don't blindly rely on Robo-Advisers for downside protection

If you think that investing with a Robo-Adviser solves all your investment problems once and for all you may be in for a surprise when the next Bear Market arrives.
How can I get downside risk protection with robo-advisors?

28 August 2018

Is your Financial Advisor following Fiduciary Standards?

Even investment experts will find it difficult to understand all the technical standards that are required when advising investors. The growth of compliance and legal staff in Private Banks and Asset Management firms is not only expensive (paid for with your fees) but not always as effective as desired. Careful vetting of any new adviser is something that may only be achieved with the aid of a neutral consultant.
How do Fiduciary Advisers work (CNBC)

21 August 2018

ICO? Do not buy what you do not understand

Initial Coin Offerings (short ICO) are an offshoot of the Cryptocurrency Craze, of which Bitcoin is the most prominent product. Quite apart from the fact that most (not even financial experts) do not really understand the concept of ICO's in many cases the use to which the proceeds - your money! - is being put is also less than transparent. What protection do you get once your money is (hopefully) invested? How are profits (if any) shared between public investors and the promoters/insiders? I remain sceptical of all Cryptocurrencies - for better or worse we do HAVE a money and payment system that functions reasonably well. It only goes haywire if some crazed politicians get out of control (Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey for ex). Payments to anywhere in the world can be made in an instant and on superfine rates if you know where to look.
Too many ICO -peddle outright Fraud says regulator

20 August 2018

Good points about how to choose a Financial Adviser

But it still needs someone with in-depth financial experience to guide those not spending much time on financial matters through the due diligence process.
You may be at risk in the next bear market if you fail this test