16 November 2017

What Americans pay in Advisory Fees

Personal Capital Advisor Fee Report

13 November 2017

Beware of Investment Scams!

Nearly a decade after Bernie Madoff, Americans are still losing their life savings to Ponzi schemes.
It is difficult for ordinary investors and savers to identify swindlers and conmen. PBAdvisory can help you with due diligence and allow you to follow the old principle: Investigate before yu invest! It is surprising how often investors neglect to conduct the most basic background checks before parting with their hard-earned money.

7 October 2017

Zero Fund Management Fees?

Maybe at first sight it appears reasonable to wave any fund management fee if the performance does not match the agreed benchmark. And why not ask the fund manager to make a penalty payment as well? But to be serious, any business that agrees to a zero fee would not be viable in the long run. Better to agree fees to be calculated on a (three year?) rolling basis and set the fee in a narrow zone, for example basic 1% and a band of +/- 0.5% to adjust for over/under performance?

5 October 2017

Bitcoin: What is the Value of Hot Air?

Let self-interested promoters and their acolytes in the Media invest their hard-earned savings in a bit of (hot) air, or better: some digits in a far-away computer that nobody controls. Shares (hopefully) pay dividends, bonds pay interest, land can be rented out, but bitcoins and the like? Nothing but the hope of finding a Greater Fool down the road.
And Bitstamp, a 'digital currency exchange', should it not be banned from calling itself as an exchange by the SEC and fellow regulators? No surprise that its chairman sings the praises of 'crypto' 'currencies' (their are neither crypto nor currencies, you might as well start paying your groceries with some rare shells)

4 October 2017

Bitcoin etc - easy to manipulate price, regulators asleep

No mystery, no one can really say how the prices of bitcoin etal are established. Who buys, sells? Can it be manipulated? Is it manipulated? Especially all over Asia the 'new capitalists' are playing with numbers that defy the imagination of people who grew up in established market economies, warts and all. How much does it take to push the prices around? 10 million, 100, 500? No problem for the new Oligarchs! And they know there is a sucker born every minute (second more likely).

24 September 2017

Managed Funds - just another layer of fees?

Investors are being overcharged by almost £1.1bn a year for funds that claim to be “actively managed” but in reality do little more than track a stock market index.

The Times (Paid Content)

10 September 2017

Gold and Silver - how to store safely?

Despite the obvious pitfalls even the 'most powerful bank' in the world keeps repeating the mantra that physical gold is the asset of last resort. But who can guarantee that the bank or safe storage vauld will give you access to your hord in the hour of crisis?

If you think that Precious Metals or Stones will protect your Wealth you have to be careful. And first of all make sure you don't get sold fake gold or silver!
How To Store Silver Bars & Coins At Home – Mike Maloney

1 September 2017

'Private' Equity's 'Dry Powder' costs you dear

Sitting on $963 billion means huge fees for the Promoters. They get paid in many cases even if they are slow in finding suitable investments. And they have every incentive to put this money to work, whatever the terms, as they are paid on the basis of 'we take (part of) the profits and you investor can keep the losses'. A veritable money-printing machine, built on the basis of leverage and an ever-rising stock market boosted by QE. And no one in the corporate governance and political crowd seems to take notice despite the rising discontent about executive excess in the public markets.

22 August 2017

Bitcoin Hype - Regulators asleep or afraid?

Given the thousands of pages of detailed regulation that has been produced in all major industrial countries one has to wonder why the Regulators are keeping stumm about the Bitcoin craze. Claims that Digital 'Currencies' are clearly misleading. Neither are they a safe haven, they are digital assets and given the way they are offered and promoted they are investments and as such should be brought under regulatory umbrellas.
The price of Bitcoin and Ethereum is slipping but Bitcoin Cash is rising

15 August 2017

Bitcoin hype - stop calling it a 'Currency'

Temple Associates: Bitcoin hype - stop calling it a 'Currency'