18 July 2019

Fintech Bubblemania is back with a vengeance

Should Joe Public be concerned about these fantasy games that are played with 'valuations'? $3.5 bio for an operation that has a pitiful balance sheet of 150 Mio as per last data I could find. Even if double that it is still ridiculous. And what is the business 'model'? Offering an app and collect deposits? But that is the easy part in banking, if all they then can do is lending it to the wholesale market, mainly other banks, where is the added value? and how much margin is in this 'model'? And the investors that put money into this - and similar start ups - whose money do they look after? It is not their own money but the money that investors - the Joe Public again - have entrusted to them. So any losses are not suffered by the promoters/insiders. The media should be critical and not write adulating reports. And the regulators? Better not say too much, bad for my blood pressure.
On line Bank N26 valued at $3.6 Bio

15 July 2019

Do you know who your ethical fund is backing?

Without specialist help it is easy to fall for catchy advertising. The definition of 'ethical' investing is far from clear and therefore the investment strategies followed by ethical funds are also not necessarily what investors expected.

Should you trust Fund Ratings?

Fund rating firms could be misleading investors by improving the score they give funds in an effort to sell their badge of approval to investment managers. So do not rely blindly on these ratings.