26 December 2012

2013 Investment Outlook

The only thing I will say about the Investment Outlook for 2013 is a warning. Rather than listen to the countless experts that will volunteer their free advice in the media you should first of all have a good look at their past performance. Checking their track record is no sure way to profits in the future but at least it will help you to weed out the 'Talkers' from the 'Doers'.

18 December 2012

How reliable are Fund Ratings?

When rating analysts at Morningstar give the thumbs up to nearly two-thirds of the funds they review it appears that their firm may be "less fund watchdog, and more fund lap dog." (MarketWatch Annual Lump of Coal Awards). Off-the-Shelf ratings are no substitute for independent advice and evidence that is based on actual investment performance without undue emphasis on 'subjective' judgements.

9 December 2012

Advisor conflicts - case study

As instructive article about possible the risks that you face when your financial advisors receive fees or commissions from the providers of financial products that they recommend for your portfolio (Motley Fool)