6 April 2011

How to make money from Hedge Funds

This brief article will pour cold water over the shoulders of any investor who hands money to hedge funds charging a '2+20' percent fee without doing extensive due diligence. Maybe the numbers are not mathematically precise but the general drift of the conclusion in the article should be evident: Otherwise an investor would be better off to manage and/or sell a hedge fund or provide them with accomodation in Greenwich/Ct (or London's West End). One should not forget that 2+20 is not the only cost many investors (certainly most private investors) face as there will be additional fees for those in private banking departments or fund of fund managers helping to select the (hopefully) winning funds.

Hedge Fund - no longer an elite business

Says Michael Steinhardt - and he should know. Investors must analyse hedge fund offerings more carefully than ever given the thousands of funds that are on the market now.

4 April 2011

Investment Fund Performance - More than meets the Eye

If you thought that the problem of selecting the right investment fund from among the thousands on offer should not be all that difficult you may well have a look at this article. The investment management industry may find it profitable to segment its product offerings into more and more specialised offerings but that makes it more and more difficult for the investor to find the right fund. There are more investment funds out there than there are publicly listed shares and when one adds all the 'structured' investment products the list only gets longer.