26 December 2016

Target Date Funds - spot the Target!

It may well be your pocket that is the target. The concept of Target Date Funds may be plausible but in practive they may well be (1) more expensive than necessary to achieve their stated aim and (2) more a clever marketing concept than a proven investment strategy.

1 December 2016

Gold is the ultimate protection

Governments are waging a silent war against Cash. They don't do it openly but sail in the tailwinds of Financial Technology Companies, including Credit Card providers and Banks that do the dirty work for them. Cashless societies open the door to total control of all activities and by implication also total control of the citizens, or maybe one should call them worker ants that are only allowed to finance the more and more absurd spending perpetrated by the Polit-Establisment. Gold is even more unpopular in that Nomenklatura and it is no wonder that there are persistent efforts to make it difficult to buy and hold gold.
Given that it is the ultimate insurance policy against total state control of your wealth careful planning is imperative when purchasing and storing gold.

Sad end to Swiss Bank Secrecy

Switzerland has been created as the result of a tax revolt against its Hapsburg (Austrian) overseers. So it is sad that a proud nation abases itself to become what can only be seen as a tax collector for the USA. Different nation states with different laws and customs were the main factor behind the fantastic cultural and economic development of Europe - in stark contrast to the unitary state of China.Nevermin d that bank secrecy helped any number of persecuted people to escape from Nazi Dictatorship with their lives and the means to start a new life elsewhere!

Credit Suisse said to freeze accounts in search for U.S. assets

Do you know your Asset Allocation?

While picking individual stocks, currencies, bonds or even countries and sectors may be sexy most investors do not know that the decision about asset allocation (stocks/bonds/currencies/real assets) is the most important factor in achieving long-term investment success. Depending on your personal situation this holistic approach should also include real estate and interests in business, either directly or indirectly held.