30 March 2013

10 things you should ask your financial adviser about

Do not be taken in by fancy offices, glossy brochures or even by the centuries-old pedigree of an investment management company. If you are not sure how to protect your interests in the face of a slick and professional marketing machine you should consider taking impartial advice. And do not even think to rely on regulators - just never forget Cyprus and the fact that EU regulators were powerless (unwilling?) to help depositors in some of the country's banks.

26 March 2013

Closing Banks restores Confidence? - Nuts!!

Alert Investors the world over will see through the explanations (CNBC) of the 'experts' that claim that keeping bank closed in Cyprus will 'restore confidence'. What confidence is left in politicians and regulators has been shredded to pieces in the farce surrounding the rescue of Cyprus and/or its banking system. Every investor should have a 'Plan B' to prepare for similar episodes in other financial centres - or get one ready if he has not already done so.

22 March 2013

Is it a tax? is it theft? - Lessons from Cyprus debacle

The implications for any alert investor must be clear: analyse carefully where you hold your assets, which country and which financial institution can you still trust? Are you sufficiently diversified so that - apart from the nightmare scenario of a socialist world government - you are not likely to be fleeced by desperate governments that have hit the buffers - intellectually and finanically?

20 March 2013

A significant cause of damage for investors

Says article (Financial Times, 18 March 2013) that deals with another mysterious and opaque way that providers of investment services can use to fatten their profit at the expense of their 'clients'. How many investors will know the difference between 'creation' and 'cancellation' prices for their investment funds? But technicalities such as these can make quite a difference and sharp practices should be banned. In the absence of legislation investors are well advised to consult experts that can help them safeguard their hard-earned cash.

19 March 2013

How to find a safe haven for your money

Shocking news about the Cyprus money grab by the Eurocracy and assorted unelected bureaucrats demonstrates the need to have unbiased expert advice when looking for a safe haven for your hard-earned savings. All-too-often 'advisers' in established financial institutions have a vested interest in the status quo and try to lull clients in a false sense of security. Thus they avoid that funds that are under their management are moved to a safer and/or cheaper location or institution.

14 March 2013

Superstate knows no Respect for Citizen Rights

News that the Obama 'administration' (mal-ministration would be a better word) is drawing up plans (Reuters) to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country should send shudders down the spines of all freedom-loving citizens (are there any left?) all over the world. Soon the difference between living in the 'land of the free' and living in a tinpot dictatorship will be only a question of degree.
As pretext the bureaucrats wheel out the same old excuses - fight against terrorism (self-inflicted as no one tells the US to interfere in other countries' affairs) or fight against various 'crimes' (most of them just the outcome of bad legislation, remember the Prohibition and its side-effects?).
Private Banking Advisory stays true to its name and will protect the privacy of any consulting client - wherever they happen to be.

3 March 2013

Do you buy the cat in the bag?

A short reference (New York Times) to the purported reluctance of a prominent private client advisory firm to disclose the performance record for its recommended portfolios is a stark reminder that all-too-often investors enter into advisory relationships without doing proper research. The often repeated joke that investors spend hours researching before buying a $500 washing machine but hand over millions on the basis of glossy brochures or fancy offices comes to mind. PBA advises investors to insist on inspecting the performance record of any financial advisor before handing over any investment monies.