18 March 2014

What happens if your Financial Adviser goes bust?

The Credit Crisis and ensuing market crash might already be a distant memory. But one of the key lessons that could be learned was the fact that even financial firms with a century-old pedigree could go under. So investors are well-advised to check their financial arrangements and ask themselves if they are protected in the case their financial advisory firm goes out of business.

11 March 2014

How and how much to pay for Financial Advice

Some suggest financial advice can be provided for free, some advisers now charge a fixed fee...all these schedules have their advantages and disadvantages and selecting the right package will potentially have a significant impact on your investment outcomes.

10 March 2014

How are Investment Bubbles created?

Highly paid 'experts' working for Brokerage firms or Investment Managers tend to be chasing price momentum when making investment recommendations or investment decisions. No one blames them for being wrong as a consequence of following consensus opinions but missing the boat is a big career risk for these experts. In addition their actions can deviate from what a reasonable private investor would do as their own money is usually not at risk.

8 March 2014

Fund Manager Selection

When You Evaluate a Fund Manager, Look Beyond Results
New York Times