15 July 2011

Are the regulators completely out of control?

We would love to hear from any real end investor private saver who thinks he is (1) able to explain what the various versions of UCITS investment regulations mean or (2) what benefit he has personally derived from this legislation. We suspect it is easier to win the Euromillions lottery than to find this person, especially as we just notice that the 'legislators' in the various European capitals - and in particular the pampered species in Brussels - are already beavering away at drawing up plans for UCITS version number 5 (when even market professionals have difficulty understanding, let alone implementing version number 4). All this nonsense means that costs will be piled on costs and the hapless investor must be even more careful when deciding how to invest his precious nestegg.

FATCA - The road to serfdom is well travelled

The absurd legislation making its way through the US government machine is a sad indictment for the inability of the European 'elites' to make a clear and determined stand in defending the interests of their citizens and the financial industry in the Continent. A simple threat to retaliate tit for tat and subject the US institutions to the same treatment would have stopped the whole nonsense right in its tracks. After all, if the US is so keen to catch potential tax cheats it could impose stringent controls on its own citizens, control all movements of money in and out of the country and in the process make a laughing stock of the expression 'land of the free'.

13 July 2011

Who is fighting your corner and watching out for possible fraud

A case brought against a prominent investment firm illustrates that investors need expert advice when faced with sophisticated money managers that may well have an information advantage and better knowledge of the investment products.

12 July 2011

What is a 'best' wealth management house?

When a financial magazine declares that such and such bank is the 'best wealth management house' it would be useful if the rating would mean that the investment management firm also provides the best investment returns for its clients.