29 June 2017

30 reasons to love Index Funds


18 June 2017

Road to Serfdom - USA well on the way

Good advice is now needed more than ever! Big Government is after your Money!

Bitcoin And Cash Targeted In Silly "Anti Terror" Civil Asset Forfeiture Law

Morgan Stanley Adviser's fees - Your loss?

Given that nearly all asset classes are in a steady upwards trend for quite a few years it may not hurt your pocket if your 'Adviser' pockets $ 1 million a year from his clients. But that will change - even if markets hold up, the expected returns will at best be in the low to middle single digits and any fee around the average charged by the Financial Industry (1% of assets) will take a hefty chunk (20-35%!) out of those returns.
Strict control of fees you pay will be a major contributor of your investment performance from now on!
Morgan Stanley is going after a $500 billion opportunity (MS)

11 June 2017

Temple Associates: Credit Ratings - still no reform

Temple Associates: Credit Ratings - still no reform

5 June 2017

People's Trust - more than a catchy Label?

Not convinced that the structure is all that different from a conventional Investment Trust offering. Seven managers, terms not disclosed, the overall fees for the Trust give the game away however. Any target for the investment return is not more than wishful thinking, at least 7 percent is not too ambitious but still doubtful in a world of low returns. The only thing that is certain are the fees that the subadvisors will earn for a very long 7 years. Will that be an incentive to make better investment decisions? Your guess is as good as mine!
People's Trust reveals Manager Line-up