6 May 2011

Germany: last vestiges of individual freedom supressed

One should have thought that the political and bureaucratic establishment that holds Germany in an iron grip should at least have learned the lessons of history after decades under national-socialist or communist totalitarian regimes. But quite the contrary is happening. The tendency to control everything that the citizen does is so ingrained in the national psyche that the state has no problem extending its reach into ever-more absurd niches of the citizen's lives. Now a new law is proposed that would have banks automatically document the content of safe-keeping boxes that are rented out. In addition these reports would have to be passed on to the 'authorities'. This ludicrous encroachment into individual freedom is just in addition to supervision of all bank accounts, courier services (!), telecommunication and postal services as well as transportation companies. In addition the state's functionaries would not need prior agreement from any court to obtain their information. Citizen-Investors need to be more vigilant than ever to protect their assets from an all-devouring state that exists only to divert their assets to pet projects favoured by politicians and those well-connected to them.