5 April 2012

What returns can you expect from stock investments?

The experts argue about the return that investors can expect to earn from investments in common stock. Research studies cover a period of nearly 200 years but even in the markets that have been subjected to the most careful analysis - the USA and the UK - the results are hotly disputed. But whatever the numbers may be - anything between 5 and 10 percent before inflation may be plausible - investing in shares is fraught with high risks for the ordinary mortals. The stock market is to a large extent a machine to enrich the selling insiders - current IPO plans are a good example. The German Banker Fuerstenberg said nearly 100 years ago - shareholders are stupid and insolent, stupid because they buy the shares in the first place and insolent because they even expect a dividend. That said, there are always great opportunities to profit from mistakes that 'Mr Market' makes, but to profit from them you have to be 100pct dedicated to the stock market game in order not to be fleeced.