7 August 2020

Another Ponzi Schemes- 'only' $400 Mio go missing

Never invest on the word of a good friend or well-regarded person (in politics, media, business) without getting a second opinion from an independent professional who has no stake in the proposal - be it a fee or being involved in the investment in any form or shape.

San Diego Magnate Masterminded $400 Million Liquor License Scam

and another Scam, this one 'only' for $18.5 Million:

 Private Investigator Tech Startup Charged in $18.5 Million Fraud

this one is 'only' for $25 Million:

Cryptocurrency Firm Co-Founder Pleads Guilty to Coin Offering Fraud  

and another $60 Million changed hands:

Investment Adviser CIO Charged with Running Ponzi-Like Scheme

24 July 2020

60/40 Balanced Portfolio in times of Zero Interest Rates

The advocates of the 60/40 balanced portfolio forget that the 40% that is invested in bonds poses a great risk for no return. Given where bond yields (if you want to call the puny returns on offer a 'yield') are the only way that bond prices will ever move to a significant extent is DOWN. That would mean losses on the bond portion of the portfolio. Much better to stay in cash (or pull out the money from the bank if ever the governments impose negative interest rates).
Vanguard defends 60/40 Portfolio

27 March 2020

Another slap on the wrist of UBS

UBS Fined $8.2 Million by Singapore for Misconduct by Advisers