30 January 2017

Common Sense Rules - cheaper than Financial Planner

Financial Planning is marketed as giving investors a 'holistic' approach to financial well-being. But make no mistake, a lot of the advice is not more than applied common sense. A lot of weak-willed or financially uneducated people may well find it worthwhile to pay for advice on Financial Planning but they should be aware that this sort of advice should not be confused with actually achieving satisfactory investment returns on the money you have managed to save.  Tax accountants and lawyers are also able to cover significant areas included in financial planning such as tax and estate planning. Insurance for health and life would be another facet that needs coverage. While having all these aspects covered by one planner may sound attractive it is unlikely that the combined approach is really more effective than consulting individual experts. After all, how often do you really write a will or decide how much insurance cover you require? And putting all your eggs into one basket also can lead to conflicts of interest, especially as the 'planner' is connected with a 'full-service' firm that also tries to sell you investment funds or products or just offers to manage your portfolio.,