29 March 2017

Hedge Funds - not perfect, but objective criticism please!

Claiming that Hedge Funds are expensive and offer poor performance is cheap criticism. Long-only Fund Managers are also in the firing line over poor (relative) performance and high fees. Hedge Funds 'suffer' from the fact that a long bull market makes it easy to outperform any 'hedged' fund. The real test has to be over a whole cycle - from peak to peak over one full bear and bull market. And by the way: levered 'Private' Equity Funds escape scrutiny as their performance numbers are not bandied about in the media - not to mention the often excessive compensation that the management of the companies they are invested in enjoys. So-called 'Absolute Return' Funds are now often sold on the premise that they solve the problem - neither too much hedged, but not fully exposed to market cycles - but their performance and fees are also not all that attractive.