3 April 2017

HSBC wants more information from you

Big Banks are turning quickly into Big Brother! Arbitrary punishments are meted out from politicized regulators and greedy jurisdictions (led by the USA where judicial positions are used by ambitious individuals to promote their personal - often political - career, then to switch into highly-paid jobs with the firms they regulated). The cause of misdeeds are in the meantime not addressed - fraud, illegal activities (often again activities that are MADE illegal by legislative fiat, e.g. prostitution, poor or oppressive tax laws, anti-tobacco campaigns, poorly-thought out subsidies or tariffs, anti-drug fanaticism).
The end-effect will be that more and more people will bypass traditional banks, payment systems, possibly reduced their economic activity, esp in the better-earning strata of the population, thus making economies less efficient and more stagnant. All this by administrative fiat without any democratic legitimacy!
Big Banks are turning into Big Brother!